Rob Holmes

Calgary Physiotherapist

Rob Holmes, has moved his physiotherapy practice to Evidence Sport and Spine (403) 210-9969.

  • No physician referral necessary.
  • Referrals of friends and family are welcome.
  • All musculoskeletal physiotherapy conditions are treated.

I am passionate about providing a thorough assessment and diagnosis and taking time to help people understand their injury and treatment options. My rehabilitation interests are hands-on manual therapy, effective self-management options, therapeutic exercise and intra-muscular stimulation/dry-needling. I enjoy helping people return to what they want to do.

The care you want & the tools you need to feel better.

Please contact Evidence Sport and Spine to make an appointment.

Feel free to email Rob with any questions at

Physiotherapy Services Include:

  • Detailed Assessment
  • Comprehensive Treatment Plan
  • Self-management Strategies
  • Therapeutic Exercise
  • Hands-on Manual Therapy
  • Intramuscular Stimulation/Dry-needling
  • Communication with referring physician or other health care provider
  • Diagnostic imaging requisitions (x-ray, Ultrasound, MRI) as indicated
  • Consult for and rehabilitation in conjunction with interventional procedures (injection procedures such as facet joint injections, prolotherapy, PRP)


Evidence Sport And Spine North

Cambrain Wellness Centre

2000 Veteran's Place NW

#201 Calgary, AB, T3B 4N2

Phone: 403-210-9969

Rob Holmes, Bio

I have moved my physiotherapy practice to Evidence Sport and Spine and expanded my hours. I have worked in North Calgary for 16 years where I have been lucky to work with a large number of patients as well as their friends and family. Evidence Sport and Spinal Therapy is an advanced multidisciplinary clinic with a focus on consultation, assessment, treatment and management of chronic spinal conditions and other musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. While a large part of my practice is complex spinal pain, I see all musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. I also have a special interest in running injuries.

In addition to clinical practice I am enthusiastic about teaching and I have had the privilege of mentoring many physiotherapists in advanced practice orthopaedic physiotherapy.

Rob Holmes Calgary physiotherapist bio.